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Phone Hacking: What’s Up with that?

Phone Hacking: What’s Up with that?

Each week we receive numerous calls from individuals claiming to have their phone hacked. This problem applies to both individuals and businesses alike. There is no such thing as a phone or phone service that is completely protected from being hacked. With hackers working diligently 24/7 all over the world, there’s a high probability your phone could get hacked.

Android owners BEWARE. We’ve found that these phones seem to be the most vulnerable due to the number of applications available and a non aggressive approach to screening out malware, bots and malicious programs. Most users are unaware of what is even happening with their phone, most don’t even know until it is too late. Other phone users don’t be fooled; you too have a number of similar issues with your phones just maybe not in the frequency that we are finding with Android users.

Stalkers and Competitors are using these applications to gain access to personal information, user names and passwords in order to use that intelligence against them. These malicious programs can turn your phone into a tracking device, camera, video and listening device for your attackers, making it very easy to stalk the owner of the phone.

The general public needs to know that before you download an application for an Iphone or Android MAKE SURE you know the reputation of the producer of the application; lest you have your phone hacked.

You’ve got to know, in this day and age there are many ways that the scammers have to trick users so do your homework and make sure that the application you are purchasing is truly the original created by the intended software application maker.

In the long run you will be grateful you did the research and got the right product. For those that don’t-you’ve got a long haul trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it and who did it…That’s where we come in.