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Because Of Our Experience & Efficiency, We Often Save Clients Up To 75% As Compared To Other Solutions.


We have had client after client after client tell us stories of where we could have literally saved them tens of thousands of dollars in professional fees because of inexperience of their legal and/or investigative team.

In any SINGLE DAY, we see more cases than most professionals see in an entire year related to cyber or internet attacks. Because of this, we have developed well established techniques and procedures to solve most problems. When we take your case, you are not having to pay for “on the job training”.

Please realize that per hour, we are not cheap. However, because we are so efficient, your net costs can be substantially less as compared to other approaches. Further, we work with outstanding attorney groups that share our philosophy of efficiency through expertise.

Our consultations are always no cost, no obligation at which point we can provide estimates of costs and times to resolve.