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Professional use of Social Media Options-Is it Right for your Business?

Professional use of Social Media Options-Is it Right for your Business?

This article is “SPOT ON” about the perils of social media, especially for companies who are using these sites for business purposes.  With the use of internet marketing and advertising in the social realm, businesses are realizing there is much more exposure to outside sources corrupting posted material.

In this day and age this is extremely common for both individual and companies to use this as common business practices. Two issues that companies and business personnel must consider is that material that is generated from within the company versus material generated external to the company.

For internally generated material, companies must have set policies and procedures about what is acceptable commentary. This is especially true with social media. The way in which you are communicating must be a certain dialogue and must be maintained as such.

For externally generated material, like on company blogs and social media sites, there is a fine line between being viewed as “the editorial police” versus allowing complete chaos to occur. For larger companies, they may want to involve the use of an internet attorney to help them with these standardized policies.

What we all have to realize is that the wide spread use of social media to distribute both meaningful dialog and to inflict intentional harm on companies are on the rise.  As it describes in the article below, this is a whole new world of learning for both business and company executives who are becoming familiar with the pros and cons of using the internet for professional use. Every company has to adapt this as a new reality and act accordingly.