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Felony Crimes

investigatorsCIS offers professional services to professionals and individuals who are victims of serious “provable cyber crimes”.

Our first recommendation would be to report your crime to the local police or FBI. However due to the volume of cases these organizations see or lack of trained personnel to work them, you may not have a favorable result.

At CIS we have helped develop the necessary evidence required to prosecute the defendants and are able to package our results for law enforcement or your attorney in a way that may encourage them to take your case, when otherwise they wouldn’t.

Areas of Cyber Crimes We Work Are

  • Homicide Investigations Involving Electronic Evidence
  • Hacking and Data Breaches
  • Website Breaches
  • Denial Of Service Attacks.
  • Fraud Investigations of Over 100K Lost
  • Missing Persons
  • Stalking and Harassment
  • Extortion and Blackmail

foxThe CIS teams of investigators, forensic accountants and computer forensic experts know how to uncover the suspected misconduct, document the evidence, and work with your legal team to bring swift results to large and complex cases.

Our vast experience across multiple industries gives us a leg up on other firms as we can bring the appropriate resources to help you resolve employee or management misconduct incidents. Since our efforts often result in the perpetrator being caught dead to rights, we are able to obtain swift resolution without legal action.

Cyber Crime cases can be quite complex due to the time, personnel, forensic examinations, counter surveillance measures, and equipment needed in order to develop “the proof” needed to provide law enforcement or your attorney the necessary information to win your case.

Most of our cyber crime cases involve serious loss of money or property in excess of $250,000 and require contacts throughout the world to assist in investigating the case. Because of these complexities each case must be custom quoted to accurately assess your particular needs and requirements. From there we will work on a retainer basis based upon our initial consultation with you.