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Copyright & Trademark

Misuse of copcopyrightyrights and trademarks is rampant on the Internet. However, most organizations do not realize when this is occurring or how to handle large-scale problems cost effectively.

CIS experts often get called to handle issues involving companies, celebrities, and executives who are having their rights violated online.   For example, we have assisted in the removal of over 40,000 images related to celebrity hacking. Our software and engineering teams can help design very efficient processes for solving your complex needs.

Attorney Support Services

CIS is often called to support attorneys concerning the best methods for handling large-scale copyright and trademark problems. For law firms faced with having to deal with  thousands of violators, CIS can step in to greatly simplify the backbreaking logistics. For larger issues, this can result in tremendous cost savings for your client.

Monitor Copyright & Trademark Abuse

CIS has developed multiple cost-effective techniques to sort through the Internet to identify those violating copyright and trademark protections. Our teams can tailor a custom solution that implements exactly the level of support you need. This prevents your having to pay for a one-size-fits-all monitoring solution. CIS employs software specialists and engineers who are capable of translating your needs to efficient processes.

Online Removal Services

Organizations, including attorney groups, often ask the CIS specialists to remove improper information that appears online. Because our rates are typically less than those of attorneys, and because our processes are designed to be highly efficient, we can often greatly reduce an organization’s costs associated with handling these problems.