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Illegal Competition

Some companies are falling victim to a new, emerging problem: illegal online advertising that helps their competitors to achieve an unfair advantage. The teams at CIS can help you to stop losing revenues from these tactics.

In today’s Internet marketplace, crafty marketers are gaining huge advantages over competitors using techniques that are considered illegal by the FTC. However, most companies do not understand they are losing market share via their competitor’s actions nor do they realize how simply most of these acts can be stopped with relatively inexpensive, legal tactics. CIS can help you understand the best ways that your organization can level the playing field.

Monitor Improper Online Advertising

If you suspect that one or more competitors may be involved in improper online advertising techniques, then it is time to take action. CIS develops custom monitoring solutions for many of its clients. Once we understand your specific situation, we can provide a quote on a custom combination of software monitoring in tandem with trained, cyber analysts to rapidly detect illegal acts. If needed, we can introduce you to attorneys highly versed in this area of Internet law.