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Online Reviews

CIS can help your organization manage fake posters as well as real clients who have overstepped their bounds.

Online reviews enable customers to share their experiences with individual merchants. Responsible businesses accept legitimate criticism, and use it to address problems with their operations. However, in just a few minutes, an online troll’s inaccurate statements can damage your organization’s reputation. Our experts are here to help you with the necessary preparatory work and crisis management for when these reputation issues arise.

ID Anonymous Posters

One of our most common issues is dealing with an online poster who is anonymously defaming a company. Sometimes, this poster is a past customer. However, more often than not, the individual turns out to be an ex-employee, competitor, or some other person that has decided to destroy your organization anonymously. CIS can help you prevent and handle this abuse, and hold accountable those who inflict it on you and your business.

Monitor Online Reviews

Most businesses are simply not able to keep up with daily monitoring of their online reviews. Some of the world’s top brands have found that most online review issues can be rapidly defused if handled within 24-48 hours. For less than it would cost to handle internally, CIS can help you fill in the gaps by monitoring your business’s online reviews and developing a crisis management infrastructure capable of handling rapid response.