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Unauthorized Sellers

Many organizations that distribute products through authorized dealers have a problem with grey market sellers that divert product and then sell cheaply in locations like Amazon and eBay.

The net impact is that legitimate resellers become disenfranchised and quit selling the company’s product. That’s where CIS experts step in to find effective solutions. Often these solutions are a combination of investigations, technology monitoring, and pursuing appropriate legal steps. Companies that have conquered these issues find great business opportunities through dealers wanting to distribute their product because of the company’s aggressive, online stance.

Monitoring For Unauthorized Sellers

CIS performs ongoing monitoring for organizations concerned about unauthorized sellers online. Using a combination of software and human analysts, we cost effectively develop solutions and provide updated reports to your legal team. This ongoing, aggressive stand enables our clients to develop a “tough” reputation so that new, unauthorized sellers decide that other companies are easier targets.

Investigations Of Unauthorized Sales

CIS also supports both companies and attorneys in ongoing investigations, ranging from existing product buys to helping unravel complex, hidden corporate structures used by some of the more sophisticated groups.