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Competitor & Industry Monitoring

  • In business, as in sports, sometimes the best offensive plan is to first develop a great defense.

    In almost every industry, market forces and internet dynamics are causing rapid changes within entire industries and geographic regions.  Those companies that embrace information and tehcnological change, often rapidly excel. For those that cling to traditional methods and practices in their industry may find themselves left behind.

    Monitoring the web actions of all your competitors, and well as any new upstarts, is critical to keep your company on the cutting edge.

    What We Watch For

    • Changes In Their Website
    • Changes In Thier Blogs
    • News & Press Mentions
    • Online Mentions
    • Addition of Key Personnel
    • Changes In Products & Services
    • Changes In Online Advertising


    When your competition implements any change online, you will know about it within 24 hours.

    At CIS we can make that process as simple as reading your email each morning.

  • Every day, you will receive an email report with any information that CIS has found that meets your criterion. Our goal is to provide you only the cleanest of information without a lot of clutter and noise. When we alert you, you can rest assured that you will want to know about it.

  • Typically, this type of monitoring is done as part of an overall corporate package via a custom quote.

    In addition, we often provide such info to members of larger associations.

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