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Brand & Reputation Monitoring

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    Would You Know If Competitors, Employees, Or Activists Were Attacking Your Brand?

    In today’s economy, the online reputation and brand for companies are critical to their marketing and sales efforts, as well as their bottom line.

    The online reputation of companies is becoming one of its most valuable assets as more and more customers are finding and researching them online. Customers are evaluating companies as to customer service, pricing, reputation, and in many cases their stance on social values and national issues.

    Some of the problems that we work to monitor and solve for our clients include:

    • Brandjacking
    • Counterfeiting
    • Cybersquatting
    • eCommerce Content
    • False Association
    • Grey Market Selling
    • Offensive or Harmul Content
    • Phishing
    • Piracy
    • SEO Manipulation
    • Trademark Abuse
    • Traffic Interception
    • Typosquatting
    • Paid Ad Trademark Traffic Diversion
    • Paid Ad Nefarious Traffic Diversion


    CIS can simplify that monitoring process through our Brand & Reputation Monitoring Services and provide you with critical alerts when something is going wrong.

  • shutterstock_171211556To save costs, companies often rely on “Googling” themselves.

    While this can work for tiny companies, it often fails for the following reasons::

    • Most companies need to monitor 30-500 keywords;
    • Monitoring has to be provided on all major search engines;
    • Sales & Auction sites must be monitored;
    • Daily monitoring is often required;
    • Online ads must also be watched; and
    • The employee gets weary and sloppy.


    It is not uncommon for manual monitoring to take 1-4 hours, which becomes cost prohibitive on a daily basis.

    Using technology and CIS solutions, you can protect yourself for a fraction of the costs.

  • CIS has developed one of the leading and most affordable monitoring programs in the industry. As specialists in intelligence and crisis management we are able to provide real solutions for our clients. Whether you just need actionable intelligence or a 24/7 crisis response team we can help.

    Key features

    • Full Service Solutions for companies that want to protect their reputation and brand.
    • One of the most effective, yet affordable monitoring programs in the industry.
    • Scalable solutions that fit businesses of all sizes.
    • Highly skilled crisis management team, including top internet lawyers to address critical incidents.


  • At CIS we maintain state of the art technology capable of search the deep corners of the web to protect our clients. Our goal is to provide you with actionable intelligence that has been reviewed by human analysts providing you with ALERTS that impact your business.

    Simply put, our attorney and corporate clients love us because we don’t drown them with useless date: instead, when we report an issue, you know that it is something that should be examined closer.

    Key Features:

    • State of the Art Technology
    • 24/7 Monitoring Worldwide
    • Reviewed by Intelligence Analysts
    • Actionable Alerts
    • Very flexible, and very scalable.
    • Cost effective plans to meet your corporate budget.

    • Why can’t I do this myself? For even the largest of companies the process of watching 30-1000 search phrases world wide, sorting through the noisy algorithms of Google, Yahoo and Bing on a daily basis can be a daunting and costly task. At CIS we have developed proprietary technology combined with highly trained intelligence analysts to provide this for you at a budget you can afford.


    • Do I have to sort through volumes of useless data? No, all of our reports are screened by our intelligence analysts to only provide you with Actionable Intelligence that has been filtered to your companies specifications.


    • What do I get? Our standard deliverable’s are daily reports alerting you to any issues that have arisen that should be reviewed according to your companies specifications.

  • At CIS we don’t believe that one-size fits all. Why pay for features you don’t need?

    Simply reach out to us and learn why CIS is becoming the company of choice.

    • Free Consultation For Companies with 10 + Employees
    • Custom Solutions Meeting Your Exact Needs


    For More Information contact an intelligence analyst today.



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