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  • More than ever corporations are facing both regulatory and shareholder pressures to take control of their social media risks. While social media is invaluable for its use in marketing, customer engagement, advertising and communications it also can expose organizations to unwanted security issues and compliance concerns. Even the most diligent of companies can fall victim to compliance violations.

    CIS Compliance monitoring was designed explicitly to meet the needs of organizations concerned about leakage of information that could be a direct compliance and regulatory risk of the organization. For example the use of social media and other electronic communications by hospitals, physicians, nurses and other providers has increased dramatically with growing numbers of social media platforms. Pictures of patients, release of financial records even pictures of hospital employees can land an organization in hot water. For this reason we provide a comprehensive approach for compliance monitoring.

    Some of the areas we monitor for are:

    • Release of Patient-Specific Personal Information
    • Release of Patient Photos
    • Release of Customer Personally Identifying Information
    • Release of Customer Financial Records
    • Release of Credit Card Information
    • Release of Drivers License or Social Security Information
    • Employee and Organization Social Media Accounts
    • Violations of company policy in the public domain
    • Discussion of regulatory compliance issues
    • Planned class-action lawsuits
    • Indications of insider trading or stock manipulation
    • References to unreleased corporate financial information
    • Merger and acquisition discussions


  • CIS Compliance Monitoring is a highly customized service for our clients. Each case is reviewed by an intelligence officer and then priced according to the type of data needed, the volume of data needed, the quantity of data needed, countries required, languages required, and reporting formats. Once we have developed an intelligence profile, we can then provide you with a custom quote.