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External Threat Intelligence

hacktivists2Recent studies have shown that hackers, politically motivated “hacktivists,” state actors and organized crime rings are developing more advanced attack tactics that combine attack and diversion methods such as causing reputational damage, denial of service, executive threats and extortion, doxing for the acquistion of private information and photographs, website defacement or takedowns as well as financial disruption to distract companies.  All of this is being done while at the same time penetrating your organizations network and stealing or destroying your companies most valuable assets.

External Threat Intelligence recognizes that risk management teams require more information than what is available from simply watching network traffic and social media monitoring.  You need multi-faceted intelligence on a timely basis to protect your company before adversaries cause your company irreparable financial harm. Malicious actors typically give indications that something is about to happen, or brag about it shortly after they have completed their attack on your company. By being provided early risk intelligence to be used by your security team you can get ahead of the curve and proactively manage your corporate risk.

Corporate executives need actionable intelligence on a daily, weekly, monthly basis about “External Threats” that could impact their business reputation, brand, financial health, or shareholder value….before disaster strikes. To not have this kind of intelligence at your fingertips could turn a preventable occurrence into a reputation fiasco in a matter of a few hours.

CIS has developed proprietary tools that allow us to query information found by major search engines as well as the type of information that is often hidden on websites and can only be accessed via a website’s internal search features. This “deep Web” information actually accounts for about 94% of the content on the Internet. Since attorneys, executives, and other professionals need access to this data to make informed decisions, CIS works with each client to develop custom deep intelligence packages that accommodate each one’s needs and mission.

Areas Covered:

  • Intelligence on Hactivists and Special Interest Groups
  • State Actors Methodologies and Trends
  • Underground Hacker Communications and Files
  • Criminal Activity and Groups
  • Disgruntled Customers or Ex Employees
  • Potential Litigation Against Your Company

As the volume of data on the internet grow at an exponential rate, a data harvesting platform, by itself, is of little value. Most companies do not have the resources or manpower to sort through the volume of data and turn that data into “Actionable Intelligence” that can inform your company of critical risks that could impact your company.

CIS has developed proprietary methodologies to combine analyst review and thought processes which allow us to sort through huge volumes of data in search of intelligence that could threaten your organization. Our process utilizes the surface web, proprietary API’s, monitoring of chat rooms and social media but also content deep searches within targeted sites that are identified as specific to your companies particular needs.

CIS External Threat Intelligence is a highly customized service for our clients. Each case is reviewed by an intelligence officer and then priced according to the type of data needed, the volume of data needed, the quantity of data needed, countries required, languages required, and reporting formats. Once we have developed an intelligence profile, we can then provide you with a custom quote.