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Share and Stock Manipulation-Who’s doing WHAT about it?

Share and Stock Manipulation-Who’s doing WHAT about it?


Unfortunately, internet dumpers of stocks are becoming very common…. By casting doubt on a stock, they can artificially drive the price down and they or the people paying them to do it can profit by shorting the stock. These “fraudsters” are completely distorting the truth to exercise their opportunity to manipulate the situation.

In addition to blogs, this is becoming a very common practice at stock forums such as Yahoo Finance, Google, Reuters and finance sites. With the amount of online activity increasing so does the amount of distorted activity not just by skull cap, glove wearing criminals but by white collar criminals.

Sadly, there is also very strong evidence proving that there are company “hit men” for hire that you can pay to do this for almost any company out there. Let’s face it, if there’s a way to compromise a situation for personal gain and profit someone will figure out how.

In our opinion, the Blogger’s claim to remain anonymous because of safety concerns seems a bit farfetched.  There is ALWAYS a trail. Just because they “create” an identity or hide behind a fraudulent mysterious alias, doesn’t mean that they can. There are ways to find them you just need to know how. Just as the article states, businesses and individuals are going after those, any way possible, who mess with the financial outcomes.

In addition, the Jurisdictional argument of the blogger in the article below is not likely hold water.  As we have seen, many internet lawsuits are brought forward in the jurisdiction of the plaintiff as long as the plaintiff’s legal team can demonstrate that the defendant knew they were directing their defamation towards the plaintiff who is located in NY.

The article provides much information exactly as it is happening all over the U.S. and the world. But as sketchy as these types of individuals are, they aren’t as “UNKNOWN” as they think they are, it’s just a matter of time.