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Simple Precautions to Prevent Signal Slurping and other Hacks!

Simple Precautions to Prevent Signal Slurping and other Hacks!


I find it interesting that with as much publicity about making your computers safe that even the Queensland Police are having to “Wardrive”- the art of finding open routers to attack- to inform the public that they are wide open. Wi-Fi connections everywhere are a cyber thief’s best buddy.

And are you thinking “That’s in Queensland-that doesn’t affect me” Guess What? The situation isn’t any different here in America or anywhere else around the world for that matter.

Just for fun, I did a scan of the various WI-Fi points open in my neighborhood. What amazed me is 95% of all of the routers in home addresses were Wide Open utilizing WEP encryption or even worse OPEN, all together. What does that mean to you?  Free access to all your personal “internet junk” for anyone looking.

To ensure your internet activity remains private, make sure you change your Router Settings to WPA/PSK encryption with a password that is 32 digits long utilizing lowercase and uppercase, numbers and symbols. Something like:


This will be practically impossible to break into due to the fact that the Router would have to brute forced to guess the password. This would mathematically take over 1000 years.

Also for “kicks and giggles” and added security; set your router to lock someone out after 3 wrong guesses.

And one last thing…..Make sure you turn on your Router Logs as well. Set it up so that it sends you notifications by email when something funny is going on with your Router. This will ensure that you know exactly when something’s up so you can deal with it right away.