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Subpoena Services

Welcome NETSLANDER Vistors. Subpoena Services From $295

Cyber Investigation Services (CIS) is a top resource for assisting clients and their attorneys with interent subpoena services

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Cyber Investigation Services, LLC is extremely skilled in helping clients solve internet issues quickly and cost effectively. We work as a combination investigation & legal team that not only solves cases in your state, but in all 50 states, UK, Canada, and other locations as well.

Make us your first call when you face a cyber issue.


Every month, we get approximately 300 internet defamation help requests. These requests range from getting damaging material removed, to getting attacks stopped, to tracking IP addresses, to finding the right internet attorney or lawyer.

Often, in a matter of minutes, we can diagnose and suggest strategies for dealing with your issue.

  • Complex Subpoena Development
  • Service Strategies
  • Domestication For Out Of State Subpoenas
  • Technical & Strategic Consulting
  • Full Scale Litigation Support
  • Connection With Qualified Attorneys

With our experience, many clients have found they can resolve their issue much faster and more economical than with their legal team alone.