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The “Hide and Seek” of Computer Hacking

The “Hide and Seek” of Computer Hacking

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who think that they can get away with hacking into companies and high profile targets.  Most of them believe they can out smart law enforcement; however when the stakes are high enough, the federal governments across the world have the power to cut through the electronic fingerprints left from their hacking.

While on a different scale, we find the same thing with individual and small to medium business hacking cases.People make mistakes and every computer leaves fingerprints on the computer, on the web, and through digital traffic. This leaves a perfectly clear trail that is very easy to trace back to the known perpetrator. There’s so much information from our own computer use that most people are NOT even aware it’s there.

If you are considering hacking your employer, ex girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, understand that you better be VERY good to not get caught by a professional cyber investigator. There are traces left on every computer for every key stroke that is made on it, it just take someone who knows how to find that information to catch you.

With the combination of Forensics, Computer Wire Taps, Systems Analysis and Subpoena’s even the savvy hacker WILL leave clues. It’s the cyber intelligence agents and investigators that only need a second to figure out who you are and what you’re doing, even if it’s well hidden.

If you suspect your computer or network has been hacked it is important to have your computer or networks reviewed by a professional immediately to avoid embarrassing and costly remediation after the fact.