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TSCM Bug Sweeps


When Your Business, Residence, Computers, Cell Phones and Vehicles are under surveillance by an illegal eavesdropper or stalker stopping the threat quickly is critical to your privacy and safety. Our team of TSCM, Cyber Security experts, former law enforcement and counter-surveillance professionals stand ready to assist you with most emergency sweep requirements within 24 hours.

If you have any indication that you may be a victim of illegal eavesdropping or any sort of electronic or technical surveillance – in a corporate office, private residence, vehicle or vessel – our bug sweep technicians can help you regain your piece of mind where you should feel safe. We have the most professional and technically proficient team members available.

We utilize State-Of-The Art TSCM equipment and expert technicians for detecting various bug and interception devices, video, and wire-tapping devices.


  • Your confidential business or trade secrets are known by competitors
  • Your activities are known when they should not be
  • Technicians showing up to do work when no one has called them
  • Secret meetings and bids seem to be less than secret
  • Strange sounds or volume changes on your telephone
  • Sounds coming from the telephone’s handset when it is hung up
  • Your radio or TV suddenly develops strange interference
  • People are aware of private conversations that you had in private.
  • Your cellular data usage has doubled.
  • Videos, Pictures and recordings taken in private show up on the internet.
  • People seem to know your whereabouts and location every where you go.
  • Your vehicle is acting as if someone is being controlled by someone else.
  • You were the victim of a burglary but nothing was taken.
  • You are losing business to competitors who do not offer better services, technology or price.
  • You are being underbid on important business contracts.
  • Your spouse or spouses attorney have access to privileged information in a divorce or child custody case.

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Why Do People Eavesdrop?

It is all about the information obtained! Information can be used for financial, political, professional and personal reasons for someone wanting to destroy lives or businesses. Power is intoxicating and information is the fuel. If you have recently been part of a lawsuit, have valuable intellectual property, disgruntled employees, spouses, partners or have an ongoing feud with a competitor and you have any of the symptoms above then you may be the target of an eavesdropper. Professional “Bugs” can be hidden in furniture, radios, cell phones, books, knick-knacks, computers, almost any device that you can typically find in a business, car, boat,hotel room, conference room, plane or home.

cpm-700Our Sweep Services Include:

Security Profile Analysis to assess and identify parties who may wish to spy on your business, or personal life in order to gain access to private and privileged information about your affairs.

Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Analysis that includes recognition of cellular GSM, 4G, 3G, LTE, low frequency and high frequency up to 12 GHZ which covers the spectrum of commercially available bugging devices.

Electronic Video Inspection of covert video transmission through hidden video cameras. This will identify both active and inactive cameras installed.

A Physical and TSCM examination of computer devices and mobile phones for malware, spyware, and bugs and remote monitoring devices.

Vehicle TSCM inspection for GPS covertly installed tracking devices, bluetooth devices, wi-fi devices capable of intercepting communications or taking control of your vehicle.

Phone Line examination both of physical and electrical devices including, phones, in house cabling and peripheral equipment.

Computer & Phone examination for spyware, backdoors and listening devices through our proprietary “computer wiretap” electronics for examining all UDP/TCP traffic coming in and out of your computers.

Full Debriefing of findings within 48 hours of completion and electronically delivered report.

Why A Professional TSCM Assessment?

If you are at a place where you feel your business or personal privacy rights are at risk then you should consider hiring a professional to conduct a TSCM analysis of your environment. We can assess computers, phones, cars, homes, businesses, boats, planes, boardrooms for evidence of illegal bug devices, hidden video cameras, spyware, tapped telephone lines, infared listening devices, rogue bluetooth and wi-fi hotspots, as well as hacked routers. It is hard to find an eavesdropper without the use of professional equipment. Our TSCM equipment is used by the Military, Police, FBI, and professional TSCM technicians.

Our goal is to help you regain control over your privacy and to help prosecute those who have violated it.

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