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Law Enforcment Liasion


At RDO we have developed a team of International experts that are ex FBI agents, police investigators and forensic specialists that specialize in complex cyber investigations, forensics and intelligence. Because of our relationships with local, national and international agencies and investigators we are able to facilitate investigations and enforcement globally.

Because of our law enforcement approach to investigations, we understand what is needed to prosecute a case in civil and criminal courts, and how to facilitate our clients success.

Our Liaison Services Include:

  • International Intelligence
  • FBI Networks of Current and Retired Agents
  • Lawyer Networks
  • World Association of Detectives Networks
  • World Organization of Private Intelligence Networks

In addition we utilize highly trained forensic accountants and computer forensic experts in making sure that the evidence obtained meet the evidence standards required to hold up in a court of law. Our team of professionals have definitive experience in cyber intelligence, fraud, cyber crime, money laundering, insider theft and espionage, computer forensics, forensic accounting, internet defamation and hired corporate online assassinations.