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Litigation Support

Many of CIS cases end up in some form of litigation.

While we are not attorneys, we support attorneys across the country in many different activities. Since most attorneys are unfamiliar with the technology and investigative technique used in cyber law, we can rapidly solidify the overall legal team.

For example, in internet defamation, the below is typical internet support activities.

1) Identification of all locations where antagonist may be catchable via IP traps;
2) Implementation of IP traps, if appropriate, to try to determine antagonists valid IP address, city, state, and internet service provider.
3) Identification of all valid subpoena points where attorney is likely to be able to get identifying information once proper subpoenas are filed.
4) Development of all technical components of subpoenas (delivered in Word format) to the attorney. Must attorneys have little experience with the technical subpoenas required in this environment so we draft the technical details for them to then finalize legal components.
5) If appropriate, attempt removal of web material. Normally, this requires a court order that occurs after your litigation has been filed and resolved but we attempt to get quick compliance where possible to minimize ongoing damage to the client.
6) Provide attorney with all necessary backup information needed in the case (mostly screenshots)
7) Assist attorney, where possible, on domestication issues for subpoenas, especially for majors like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, WordPress, etc.
8) Assist attorney in assessing the technical subpoena results that are returned and provide them with round 2 subpoenas if needed.
9) Provide assistance to attorney in strategies that we see get used nationwide in getting compliance from antagonists.

When attorneys are dealing with complex internet issues, CIS can be your complete investigative and technical assistant.