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Electronic Surveillance


As Cyber Investigators we take privacy very seriously as well as all laws associated with obtaining electronic data and information.

At CIS we have developed a variety of tools that when utilized in concordance with the laws available to us, such as subpoena’s, court orders and owner permissions, allow us to be very effective at identifying people, groups and organizations online that attempt to hide their identity.

While we offer no guarantees, our investigation success rate in identifying anonymous people ranges over 90% when we are able to utilize our full range of resources.

Some of those Resources Are:

  • ¬†Telephone Geo Ping Location Data
  • Meta Data Locators
  • IP Honeypots
  • Email and Social Media IP Traps
  • Email Tracing
  • GPS Tracing Tools
  • Data Packet and IP Captures
  • Keyloggers
  • Phone Identification Devices
  • Meta Data Tracing
  • Website Forensics
  • Phone Forensics
  • Advanced Malware & Bot Analysis