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Cyber Intelligence

Private Intelligence Worldwide Cyber Intelligence™ That You Can Count On

Cyber Investigation Services, a global, Tampa based Cyber intelligence agency, is taking a proactive stance on what it sees as a significant threat to companies operating in today’s internet and computer based society — Intellectual Property Theft, Internet Fraud and Cyber Attacks. With the growth of the internet, social media, computers and mobile devices company’s are experiencing a variety of issues that require Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Identification of Anonymous emails, websites, Denial of Service Attacks and Data & Computer Breaches that are unparalleled to anytime in modern history.

At CIS we have developed proprietary investigative techniques, cyber & forensic tools and relationships that allow us to quickly and effectively develop, find and document information and/or evidence that can only be obtained through professional cyber experts.

“Cyber Intelligence’ is an essential service for corporations, law firms, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, and private equity firms to gain a competitive edge in the market, defend frivolous lawsuits, or to identify and avoid risks by exposing the concealed elements of prospective transactions and relationships that may impact them both domestically and internationally.

If you have a pressing issue that requires hard to get intelligence, critical evidence,or involves the internet, cyber issues or forensics then we encourage you to reach out to CIS for our unsurpassed expertise.

** We Get Results – Corporations & Attorneys worldwide utilize our services because of our unique ability to blend complex cyber expertise, investigative know, and cutting edge legal strategies to identify suspects, gather hard to find evidence and bring them to justice, or to refute frivolous lawsuits.