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Internet Profiling

Internet Profiling

You can run but you can’t hide!

Most people do not realize that every keystroke they make, every website, post, email, or electronic communication they make offers up finger prints of who they are, where they are, how they operate and tools they are using in the way of browsers, phones, computers, desktops, operating systems, mac address, SSID and not to mention their IP Address.

It is for this reason that  we utilize the World Wide Web and its wealth of research and intelligence gathering tools to locate and identify information about people, companies, relationships, networks, and activity. It is a little known fact that Google, Yahoo and Bing only touch about 85% of the entire web Universe of information that is available to trained researchers. We utilize advanced “Boolean” and Enforced Term Operators combined with Meta Search Tools and Web Directories for mining open source intelligence from the deep Web.

Our investigators are highly trained to utilize (OSINT) Open Source Intelligence, Web 2.0 sources, private paid databases, website scanning tools, meta data analysis, archives, Advanced Whois Lookups, DNS Look UPs, and customized tools to catch unsuspecting criminals and people that are looking to hide on the internet.

With the explosion of the Information Age, Web 2.0 and advanced tools, the information available through chat rooms, automated feeds, html protocols, web browser vulnerabilities, wireless hot-spots and access points, emails and websites, has made it very difficult for people to hide on the internet.

Whether you are seeking to find and anonymous antagonist, missing person, or intelligence CIS and its highly trained team of investigators can help.