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Are Employees Stealing Critical Company Information & Intellectual Property.... Then CIS Can Help You ID, Stop, & Prosecute Them.

Employee theft via electronic means has become one of the most common work place crimes.  This type of crime can range from stealing simple documents, to stealing customer records, to actual financial theft.  Because it is often easy for employees to navigate internal networks and databases, they are a few clicks away from endangering the future of your entire company.  These infringements can literally destroy or dilute your market share or competitive advantage while at the same time rob you of compensation for all your hard work, good will and intellectual property.

Cyber Investigation Services often gets calls from employers who suspect they are being victimized but yet cannot prove it with hard facts.  They want to obtain some proof before they actually dismiss the employee.  Often, we can help the employer develop traps to absolutely establish if theft is occurring without alerting the employee.

In addition, we can forensically establish a history of abuse.  By contacting us for a free consultation, we will be more than happy to help you develop the best approach for your situation.