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Many Turn To The Unparalleled Defamation Experience of CYBER INVESTIGATION SERVICES, LLC



Every day, we get SOS Help requests from companies undergoing attacks that can seriously impact their business. Unfortunately, many wait until it is too late and cost themselves dearly.

Example Case

This large company in the financial services area was undergoing tremendous attacks on their reputation. In only two weeks, the antagonists had covered the first 3 pages of google with false information that was costing the company millions. Our investigative team tracked down key identifying information on the attackers, initiated an interface with law enforcement, introduced the client to a top 100 law firm that handled their case, and then assisted in the removal of all damage.


Law firms both large and small turn to CIS to assist them with internet cases. With our vast experience in both investigative and legal tactics, we rapidly & cost effectively solidify your team.

Example Case

The attorney had a major client that was experiencing ongoing harassment and humiliation in the marketplace by an anonymous attacker. They really didn’t know who to bring legal action against and thus were at a standstill. The CIS team helped them in multiple ways including identifying the location and valid IP addresses of the person, consulted them about the ways a complaint could be generated to then get to critical subpoena information, identified over 15 subpoena points where the antagonist was vulnerable, helped them construct the complex technical language needed in the subpoenas, and then helped them interpret the technical data returned from the subpoena. The end result was a rapid resolution for the attorney’s client.


Physicians, accountants, real estate brokers, and almost every other professional find themselves under attack from “anonymous” posters. CIS has fast, world class solutions that can assist you no matter your issue.

Example Case

Our dentist client consulted CIS because an anonymous blogger had set up a very defaming blog that was ranking highly in Google. Obviously, this was having considerable impact upon business. In this case, we took a number of steps to partially ID the antagonist and with that, was rapidly able to convince the person to remove the blog. Client commented that this solution was much more effective than any of their attempts to “bury” the bad blog with reputation management.